Boarding School Admissions

Understanding the importance of secondary education, GPA Counseling sends our students to the most prestigious boarding schools in the US, UK and around the globe. These academic environments give students many opportunities to study with a team of high-quality teachers, work with talented international schoolmates, and broaden their perspectives and experiences through activities such as volunteer, career guidance, university tours, etc. This is definitely an important stepping stone for students to enter top universities in the US and around the world. 

Our Methodology

Personal Branding

Working with students to discover their strengths, weaknesses, passions and values, we come up with a personal branding strategy for each student to help their personal developement. Students stand out instead of blending in with the crowd.

Seamless High School Application

Each component of high school application is a separate piece of the puzzle and needs to be invested in to be unique and interesting, and when combined together must convey consistent messages according to the student's Personal Brand.

High School Selection Consulting

We research and advise students on choosing high schools that match their personality, interests, abilities and future orientation for possible university destinations.

Pioneering Career Consulting

High School options is essential to majors possibility in universities. We wants to career educate students and parents so they can have a seamless strategical approach for high school and university at the same time

Conveying "YOU" through essays and Interviews

With a team of nearly 20 Vietnamese and foreign consultants with extensive experience and education from the world's leading universities, we work closely to evoke and convey inspire and come up with ideas with students to find their own stories, thereby conveying the message "Who I am" to prestigious high schools’ admission boards. We also guide students to show their persona through in-depth interview preparation.

Developing extracurricular activities and skills

We personalize the process of guiding students to carry out extracurricular activities, not only helping students present a consistent application profile but also developing their potential skills and help them discover careers that may be suitable for them.

Our Mentors

Our Students' Success