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GPA Counseling is the market pioneer in Vietnam, providing strategic college admissions service to elite universities in the United States. We take pride in assisting over 1000 successful local students who have been admitted to the most competitive universities in the world, including the US Ivy League, TOP8 Public Ivies, TOP30 National University, and TOP20 Liberal Arts College. Our expertise extends to English-speaking countries, serving students admissions to TOP3 universities in Canada, TOP5 in the UK, G8 in Australia, and TOP20 in Asia. We help our students achieve high quality and future oriented undergraduate and master programs. Theses destinations will build the foundation for students to explore and develop their future. In the process of early preparation for study abroad, GPA is proud of assisting Vietnamese students get admitted to universities that are high achieving and suitable for the future of each student and their family, obtaining prestigious scholarships while helping them develop their personal values, awareness, skills and knowledge. These will help ones easily grasp and take advantage of opportunities during their studies abroad.

Our Methodology

Personal Branding

Working with students to discover their strengths, weaknesses, passions and values, we come up with a personal branding strategy for each student to help their personal developement. Students stand out instead of blending in with the crowd.

Seamless University Application

Each component of university application is a separate piece of the puzzle and needs to be invested in to be unique and interesting, and when combined together must convey consistent messages according to the student's Personal Brand.

University Selection Consulting

We research and advise students on choosing universities and majors that match their personality, interests and abilities as shown in their university application, especially universities that have the ability to accept and with highest scholarship level.

Pioneering Career Consulting

Majors chosen to apply to universities have different levels of competition, especially for prestigious school groups; Choosing a major is not enough, students also need to convince the Admissions Committee that their own capacity and personality fit with the chosen majors.

Conveying "YOU" through essays

With a team of nearly 20 Vietnamese and foreign consultants with extensive experience and education from the world's leading universities, we work closely to evoke and convey inspire and come up with ideas with students to find their own stories, thereby conveying the message "Who I am" to elite university admission boards.

Developing extracurricular activities and skills

We personalize the process of guiding students to carry out extracurricular activities, not only helping students present a consistent application profile but also developing their potential skills and help them discover careers that may be suitable for them.


Grade 10

  • Explore the directions to build a Personal Brand
  • Build a learning roadmap and take certification exams for the entire high school period
  • Start registering and preparing for international certification exams. (SAT/ACT, IELTS/TOEFL/ Duolingo Test,..)
  • Explore opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities at an experiential level and in positions appropriate to your ability and experience
  • Participate in career counseling to understand career paths and develop basic understanding about the choices.
  • Practice reflections

Grade 11

  • Develop a clear and impressive personal brand
  • Take the certificates according to the proposed roadmap (SAT/ACT, IELTS/TOEFL/ Duolingo Test,..)
  • Learn and practice writing and develop perspectives for Personal Statement and other essays for university applications
  • Participate in career counseling at an in-depth level through appropriate research and specialized activities (internships, research, product manufacturing, specialized courses, etc,.)
  • Participate in extracurricular activities at a more intensive level (participate in competitions, large scale activities or in more challenging positions,..)
  • Research and practice appropriate college application tools
  • Continue practicing self awareness and self reflection throughout the entire development process
  • Develop leadership abilities in diverse positions and communities
  • Identify suitable teachers to ask for letters of recommendation for the application process
  • Practice doing university and major research that fit with interest and capacity of students and their family
  • Practice writing resume for university application 

Grade 12 / Application Year

  • Decide on an application strategy to showcase student’s Personal Brand (May-June)
  • Give instructions for effective and impressive letters of recommendation to admissions officers (August-September)
  • Join 1:1 essay sessions with a seasoned essay counselor guiding students both in brainstorming and presenting unique ideas to complete application essays. (May-October for early action and November-January for regular decision)
  • Collected academic records, and complete Standardize Tests for university application. (June-October)
  • Creating an impressive CV that convey student’s Personal Brand. (June-October)
  • Guide families to prepare accurate financial documents to maximize financial aid and scholarship opportunities. (August-October)
  • Apply to university with a carefully prepared application and follow up with each additional request from applied universities. (November-January)
  • Consult on university decision after receiving results (December-April)
  • Guide students and family on visa application (April-July)
  • Guide students on procedures after being admitted and preparation for university with necessary skills classes (May-July)

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