Huy Pham

Academic Manager

  • Master of Business Administration – George Mason University (US)
  • 5 years of experience in education, personal development, and admissions consulting.
  • Specialized management and direct strategic advising for outstanding students with remarkable achievements in both top-ranked institutions and high scholarship awards such as 100% tuition (full-tuition) and full-ride scholarships.
  • Main trainer of the PathFinder Coaching Program, coaching students to set goals and actively work to realize their academic and personal development directions.
  • Huy Pham has guided students to achieve the highest achievements, including admissions to Duke University (#8 National University), University of California – Los Angeles (#15 National University), University of Michigan (#21 National University), Wesleyan University (#11 Liberal Arts College), University of Southern California (#28 National University), Pratt Institute (Top 3 in architecture, US), University of Manchester (#6 UK), UNSW (#2 Australia)…
  • Known for a smart and insightful consulting style that stimulates students’ initiative and critical thinking abilities.

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