Parents Connect

“Parents Connect” is a unique space created by GPA Counseling to cultivate strong relationships with GPA students’ parents. We focus on fostering effective interactions with parents throughout the journey from when students step into GPA to when they step into the classrooms of the world’s top universities.

The Learning Database

The learning database is a carefully curated source of reliable reference materials specifically selected for parents, including documents, articles, and videos on topics such as learning, personal development, college preparation, and parenting.

Parents to Parents Connect

Parents to Parents Connect is a dedicated space for GPA parents to share, exchange, and learn from each other through discussions, live workshops, and online sessions.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual Coaching Sessions offer a secure opportunity for parents to co-create with GPA coaches, maximizing their potential in supporting their child's journey towards global citizenship. These sessions cover various topics such as parenting philosophies, adolescent psychology, effective communication, motivation enhancement, emotional regulation, conflict management, and more, tailored to the specific needs and requests of parents.

The 12-hour Daily Hotline Service

The 12-hour daily hotline service is a two-way communication channel of GPA's Customer Care Department aimed at actively listening to and addressing any inquiries related to students' and parents' experiences in their unique journey with GPA.

Routine Care

Routine Care brings enhanced experiences from both the Academic Department and the Customer Care Department for students and their parents. This experience helps maintain a sustainable relationship between the two parties and opens up new opportunities for collaboration.

Monthly Report

Monthly Report provides an overview of the one-on-one counseling sessions conducted by GPA's experienced counselors with students throughout the month. This allows parents to closely monitor their child's developmental journey to coordinate with GPA effectively and successfully