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Start with short trips, connect with nature, discover yourself and give your children a meaningful experience!

Integrating into an international learning and working environment helps students determine their career direction, form a personal brand and open up new opportunities!

Develop programs specifically for the interests and needs of each student group. At GPA Camps, nothing is impossible!

Global Champions - The biggest amazing race for kids in Vietnam

Global Champions is an annual school competition combining English and Skills competition for high school students from 9 to 16 years old who love English, challenge themselves and explore world culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

GPA believes education is for everyone. Connect with us to find out which of our programs suit you best, our consultants would love to help!

The skills summer camp program at GPA Camps is mainly for students aged 6 to 17 years old.

GPA summer camp is designed according to international summer camp standards. The camps are held in separate areas – where campers have free space to explore new passions, promote good qualities and participate in many exciting and meaningful activities.

Of course! Let us know your ideas and our program experts will make them come true!

Find us at the office during business hours (from 9AM – 6PM, Monday to Saturday) or call us at +8490255517. If it is not urgent, please email us at or drop us a message on our Official Facebook Page at


We are moving soon! GPA Vietnam xin chân thành cảm ơn sự ủng hộ và đồng hành của Quý đối tác, Quý phụ huynh và các em học sinh, sinh

Mùa hè là thời điểm các bạn học sinh nghỉ ngơi sau một năm học năng động và hiệu quả. Đây cũng là cơ hội tuyệt vời để xây dựng

Ngày 19/5 vừa qua, GPA Counseling đã tổ chức sự kiện “Mục tiêu Ivy League: Sự khác biệt mang lại giá trị thành công”. Đến với sự kiện này, các

SAGE, được thành lập vào năm 2002, là một mạng lưới quốc tế được dành riêng cho việc tạo ra thế hệ lãnh đạo khởi nghiệp tiếp theo, những người

Join over 50,000 parents who trust GPA Camps

The children had an interesting and exciting experience. Thank you GPA for organizing such a useful playground.
Dung Lephuong
Please convey our warmest congratulations and sincere thanks to the organizing committee and the GPA team for hosting such a wonderfully successful summer camp, filled with joy and gratitude from the children! Through this experience, they have become more confident, improved their teamwork, and become more self-disciplined! They even wish the camp could last longer!!! We are truly grateful to GPA and look forward to future events! Wishing GPA continued success and the establishment of even more models!!!
Pham Thanh Huong
Thank you GPA Camps for creating a meaningful playground for our children, giving them the opportunity to express themselves, to get acquainted with teachers and new friends, and to grow after each journey. Looking forward to seeing you again next summer.
Nguyen Thuy Linh
This appears to be a message expressing gratitude and good wishes to GPA for organizing a meaningful playground for the children, and wishing them success in creating more beneficial playgrounds in the future. It also wishes the campers good health to continue their learning journey.
Tran Thanh Mai

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