Global College Admissions

In addition to helping students apply to universities around the world, GPA also prepares students with the knowledge, mindset and skills to be successful in the study abroad process. GPA offers university options in English-speaking programs around the world including but not limited to UK, Australia, USA, Canada.


Step 1: Consult your universities and major choices

  • Analyze student profiles and develop study abroad application strategies
  • Support in choosing major that suits your career goals and abilities through reputable career tests such as Holland
  • Advice on choosing study abroad destinations that meet your family’s wishes and expectations about your future study and career. 

Step 2: Build a quality Admission Application

  • Make a detailed plan to complete the missing components in the study abroad application. 
  • Optimize the components of the Student’s Application including academic components and extracurricular activities (if required)
  • Support you in perfecting your essay ideas and refining your writing (if any)
  • Prepare and declare financial records clearly and methodically
  • Support in applying for admission, tracking progress, and receiving confirmation letters from the school

Step 3: Support in making student visa applications

  • School closing consultation, admission guidance and skills equipping before departure
  • Prepare documents for student visa application
  • Visa interview practice

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