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Pathfinder – To make dream happens, you need a well-planned strategy

The PathFinder training program, designed by GPA Counseling, aims to help students explore their own paths and build a journey to maturity, equipping them with not only knowledge but also skills to become better versions of themselves.

By participating in the PathFinder training event at GPA Counseling on May 25, students will:

  • Receive in-depth 1-1 counseling with experts to plan their personal development trajectory.
  • Experience an exclusive program built on the VASK model to become global citizens.
  • Choose development themes and practice mature skills according to their own needs.
  • Orient their career and build a long-term career trajectory.
  • Gain valuable information on the overall study abroad trajectory and scholarship conquest strategy from an early age.

GPA’s PathFinder mature training program is personalized based on each student’s starting point and destination on the journey to becoming a better version of themselves every day. Parents who are interested should contact us early so their children do not miss the opportunity.

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