SAGE – global entrepreneurship competition for students

Founded in 2002, SAGE is an international network dedicated to creating the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders whose innovations and social enterprises address our world’s major unmet needs. SAGE  addresses urgent social needs and share a common goal: building a better world. Let’s briefly list the reasons why the SAGE World Cup attracts many youngsters:

  • Business skills development: SAGE helps students hone and develop business management skills, from business planning, product development to financial management, and human resource management.
  • Real-world experience: By participating in SAGE, students have the opportunity to apply business theory to practice, from conceptualizing business ideas to actualizing and managing daily business operations.
  • Building confidence and creativity: The competition emphasizes uniqueness in each idea to promote students’ continuous creativity in sustainable business solutions.
  • Expanding networking: SAGE connects students with successful entrepreneurs and experts in the field, thereby expanding their network and learning opportunities.
  • Future development opportunities: Projects that achieve success in SAGE are sponsored to help members continue to develop themselves and their business models.

SAGE aims to raise awareness and interest among young people and the community about environmental and social issues. That’s why SAGE competition ideas worldwide over the past 20 years have been geared towards addressing the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. These sustainable development goals are divided into 4 key areas, aimed at tackling significant challenges humanity faces regarding environmental pollution, poverty, financial crises, energy, food, peace, and cooperation, striving for a better and more sustainable future for everyone by 2030.


Important Dates

– May 20, 2024: Deadline for National Round Registration
– June 2, 2024: National Finals Competition
– June 3, 2024: Announcement of the 2 teams participating in the 2024 World Cup Qualifying Round
– August 24, 2024: World Finals (Held in Japan for 5 days and 4 nights)



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